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I dunno, I was listening to Ariana’s song “Break Free” and I got pumped up and drew this. Haha. I didn’t try at all on the walker figures so yeah, blobby blob blobs. It’s a miracle I even made it look as good as it does. I tend to get bored when it comes to the coloring part. I guess I just can’t stare at something I just drew for too long or I hate it. ( Typical artist drama. )

Basically, Beth is awesome and you know she’d fight for Daryl ( or any of the group ) with all the strength she had.

I did a thing for “apenny12” on I love her Daryl/Beth Walking Dead fic. :D I know Beth’s young for him, blah blah, but it’s basically the end of the world! Plus, Beth is totally awesome! I think she’s made for Daryl, whether they stay friends in the series or not, I love the idea of them together. So thank you, penny, for your fic! I’m sure I’ll do more of these, and hopefully less sloppy. ( This is from chapter 13 in the second fic of the series. It’s called “For the Ones You Change.” )




I lost it at 0:21

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